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Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Tuesday

16th Feb 2021

Shrove Tuesday is also called Pancake Tuesday and it is the day before Lent begins.

The expression ‘Shrove’ or ‘shrive’ means ‘to confess’ and, long ago, this was the day to confess one's sins and be cleansed of your sins before the beginning of Lent.

In the olden days in Ireland, eggs and some other dairy products were not allowed to be eaten during Lent. So pancakes, which are made using eggs, were made the day before Lent and a feast of pancakes was eaten – hence the name, Pancake Tuesday.

Shrove Tuesday is always on a Tuesday but is on a different Tuesday each year because it moves with Easter and Easter falls on a different Sunday every year.

If you’re eating them today then enjoy. Are you a sugar & lemon person or a chocolate pancake person? Yummy!